Thursday, July 18, 2013

the beginning of the end?

I had my regular OB appt. yesterday and I asked for a cervical check because I had some contractions Tuesday night and even a few while sitting in the exam room waiting for the doc.   I just had a feeling things were changing and I was right. I am about 1-1.5cm dilated and 50% effaced.   Not a big deal at all in the world of normal pregnancies, and my OB still wasn't really concerned, but we are moving to weekly appointments now, rather than the usual 36 weeks.  I will also be stopping baby aspirin on Monday, to reduce the risk of excess bleeding during delivery.   While I was never diagnosed with Pre-E while pregnant with C,  I think I was showing preliminary signs of it when I went into PTL, and I know the aspirin is helping keep my blood pressure down and the swelling better, so that stuff will be coming back into play in full force soon.   I am also getting tested for Cholestasis, because I've had horrible itching on my hands and feet in the past week.   There isn't a whole lot they can do about that, other than add frequent blood tests to monitor my liver function, but it will mean full term is off the table entirely, because it increases the risk of fetal death after 38 weeks.    But I'm not stressing about that until I actually have my blood work results.   Right now I just want to make it until my appt next Thursday, which will be 34w4days....where I was when I was admitted to L&D with C.

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