Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's here! It's here!

My super awesome stroller arrived today!   Very happy with the color and glad that my carseat fits well in the adapter.  I have the 2nd seat too, but we are keeping that in the box for now.

Isn't it wonderful?

It is really easy to steer with one hand and has a ton of options for seat positioning.  And unlike a lot of other tandem strollers, the stadium seating allows for great storage underneath rather than losing half or most of it to another seat or needed foot room.

And while I'm AWing out is a sneak peek of the curtains that I have finally finished!

Pink sheers with ruffles at the top and bottom of panels for her room.

And transportation themed valances with dark blue panels for C's room. (plus the mod podged switch plate).

Left on our/my to do list:
Finish and hang her name letters.
Pack hospital bag.
Put away her clothes.

Getting so close!

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