Saturday, May 26, 2012

Physical and u/s

Meh.   It could have been worse, but I had hoped everything would look fine.  As soon as the image appeared on the monitor I knew someone wasn't quite right.  My lining looked fine, but there was something else in there, showing up white on the screen.  So most likely either more polyps or possibly still retained tissue from delivery.  Either way, surgery is probable.   It did show that I have a 15mm follie on my right, so despite numerous positive OPKs last week, it looks like I'll be Oing late this cycle.  Hey, at least I won't need provera.

Oh, and a random fun fact....the nurse measured my whole uterus and in its non-pregnant state it is the same size as my SCH was around 13 weeks.

Friday, May 11, 2012

RE consult

Everything went well today, aside from the wait of course.  Definitely a different feeling being in the office for child #2.  Maybe it is because we are a few months out from cycling, but the fear isn't there this time.  I realized that when I sat down and glanced at this poor girl already sitting there.  The look of worry and flat out fear on her face was unmistakable.  I am glad she was gone before the pregnant chick showed up, because she likes to "visit" every time she has an MFM appt. next door.  Um, yeah...awesome for you, not so much for those still waiting.   I would have loved to have brought C, but I haven't forgotten how much it can hurt to be there.

Anyway, I was very pleased that no one even batted an eye at the fact I was still breastfeeding.  The only issue that might come up is if I need provera to end this cycle in time to get cd3 bw and my sono done before July (we'll be in Michigan for a month).  They didn't say it, but I don't think they'll put me on provera while BFing.  Hopefully it won't matter, and I'll probably be close to weaned by then anyway.   So I call on cd1 (or cd35 if there is no sign of ovulation) and they'll do my bw and get my sono scheduled.  I have a routine physical on the 25th and some generic IF b/w too.   Assuming my sono is clear, I will wait for my next cycle to start BCPs, then start Lupron for about 3 weeks in August, and cycle to transfer in early Sept.  And I was super thrilled to hear that at most I'll only need 2 lining checks, so no endless monitoring and bloodwork!!

Oh, and so I don't forget, for our 7 frozen embryos, we have:

2 - 5 day embryos of great quality, one hatching
2 - 6 day embryos of fair quality
3 - 7 day embryos, 2 good quality and 1 fair quality