Wednesday, July 10, 2013

32 weeks

I had a moment this morning.  One of those OMG things are really going to change soon moments.  C woke up early but was in a pretty good mood so I just went in and got him rather than giving him the usual 5 minutes or so to go back to sleep.   I was promptly instructed to hold Cookie Monster while he held Teddy and then carry everyone downstairs to get milk.  Most mornings he takes off around the kitchen while I get his milk and start fixing breakfast, but this morning he wanted to keep being held and was just super snuggly.  I know I won't always have that option soon and it makes me a little sad.   I hope I can find a good balance quickly.

On the physical front I am struggling....a lot.  I don't know if it is the heat, her size, my lack of exercise or what, but I feel like crap much of the day now.  I am out of breath all the time and I feel weak/shaky if I stand too long.   Swelling is here more often than not, though still not super visible.   I don't think it is blood pressure related, because so far that has been really good, but I'll bring it up at my appt next week.

I finally got ahold of someone at Buy Buy Baby about their registry event.  I made registries this time in order to get completion discounts, but BBB has an event that gives you 20% off instead of 10.  Apparently I made my registry just after the invites went out, but after 3 phone calls I got  a manager that said it was no problem for me to attend.  I'm sure it will be a crowded clusterfuck, but I hope to walk out of there with about $125 off my City Select double, plus some diapers and other things I could use a discount on (that are normally excluded from coupons).  We will see.

I am so, so close to finishing up my curtain sewing projects.  C's are done and I'm pretty damn proud of them.  R just has to put up the hooks for the tiebacks and they'll be set.  Then it is just a matter of mounting the video camera on the wall and getting the power strip for the sound machine in place behind the anchored dresser and we are set to move him over.

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  1. You look great! Hope you get your double at the event :)