Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No polyps!

So that is good news because that is something that grows back.  What they did remove was most likely STILL retained placenta.  WTF right?  No wonder I had continued trouble with breastfeeding. 

Anyway, surgery wasn't bad...I read over my last surgery post before I went in so everything was fresh in my mind.  They were running behind, so I made sure to keep an eye on my IV bag this time and was able to flag down the nurse before it ran out, when the drip was too fast...stopped entirely, etc.  It was a bit of PIA but at least I knew what to do.  I did mention to the anesthesiologist about how much the anesthesia hurt the last time and she said there was much they could do, but I know she gave me some type of "happy drug" as she put it first, so I barely noticed any pain.   Waking up was a little different.  I remember a bunch of people telling me to wake up and not wanting to.  I also still have my tube in my throat and have a vague recollection of trying to chew on it before they pulled it out.   I don't remember that part from prior surgeries.  Then I zonked back out until I was in recovery, where I discovered I was in so much pain that I started feeling around for Lap incisions just in case.   I guess retained placenta, even little old pieces, can recreate that fun post-delivery manual extraction feeling.   The nurse anesthetist had already told me she'd put toradol in my IV prior to unsedating me, but it wasn't helping.   The shot of phentanyl they put in my IV didn't do jack shit either, so finally they gave a new saline bag and dilaudid, and that did the trick.   I really haven't had much pain since, just feeling a little groggy and tired.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

surgery scheduled

As expected, cd1 was Sunday.  Still a very odd feeling to be this laid back about the whole thing since there is no "trying" right now.  As far as I know, my cd 3 labs were normal.  I have BCPs that I probably should have started today, but I'm not starting them until Friday because I know I won't start gearing up to O yet and I want these last few days to nurse C.   Next week I have my pre-op appt on the 20th, along with my meds training since we'll be gone all of July and I start Lupron before we are back from Michigan.   The hysteroscopy is on the 27th.  I'm really hoping whatever they remove doesn't hurt any more than my last one (with the RE, not the emergency one post delivery) so I can be close to normal the next day.  I haven't quite figured out how surgery day is going to work out.  Unluckily C is in that phase where if he knows I'm in the house, he won't stop screaming unless he is with me (or R, Dad is always the cooler option).