Thursday, July 25, 2013

34 weeks!

As is usual, the week got away from me, so now I am technically 34 weeks 4 days....the same gestation I was admitted with Colton.  The good, actually fantastic news, is that there has been little to no change since last week.  My midwife said I am probably a little more thinned out than 50, but still holding strong between 1 and 1.5cm.    I would have guessed around a 2 and 80% based on the number and strength of contractions these last 3 days, so I am very relieved.   On the bad news end of things, my blood work came back showing elevated cholic acid levels, so it is probable that I have developed Cholestasis.  My mid wife is going to talk to my OB and get back to me by tomorrow morning, but if she agrees they will induce at 37 weeks if I make it that far.   Obviously that raises some other questions about delivery, but we'll get there when they make a definite call.    At least she said they can prescribe some meds to help relieve my itching.

On a different note....we bought a car!  Last night my mom watched C so we could go test drive a few more, which always ends up taking longer than you think.  We basically looked at 2 cars, the Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Highlander, and from walking on the first lot to the point we decided to buy was close to 3 hrs (and the dealerships were minutes from each other) and then another 1.5hrs for paperwork.  So to that was a bad, BAD idea to time things like that.   Silly us thought we'd do some quick test drives and then get dinner.  I didn't eat until we got home at nearly 11 and I was contracting majorly.  I was almost in tears from the pain, but thankfully they stopped as soon as I ate and lay down.    Anyway...we picked up my car today and I love it.   Still hanging on to my trusty old jetta as good mileage get around car, but I'm so glad to have something with so much space that doesn't drive like a tank!

Aaaaand....since Internet explorer has decided to be a dickbag and crash every time I upload pics, I guess I'll once again be adding those later.

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