Monday, February 18, 2013

12 weeks - NT scan

I was going to title this post Doctors, doctors, doctors, but I decided that was slightly overdramatic.   I won't be getting that 6 week downtime of no Dr. appointments though.   

I was kind of nervous going in to the NT scan, since this was FET literally nothing has changed since I had C, but I guess that waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling never really goes away.   This time the appt went a lot faster than I remember with C, and thankfully everything looked great!  The nuchal measurement was somewhere around 1.6 and the nasal bone was present.   Combined with the bloodwork I had already completed, my age (the embryo's age in this case) based risk dropped from 1 in 651 for DS/1 in 1185 for Trisomy 13&18 to less than 1 in 10,000...the lowest result you can get.   Baby was moving like crazy most of the scan, but we still got some good pictures.

Still no change in me, though crappy eating sent me up 2lbs this week.   I am committing to some type of exercise, even if it is just a few arm strenthening moves, every day until we leave for St. Thomas.
I had my initial consult with the nurse at my OB last week...mostly just paperwork and going over stuff I already knew.  She did say they would most likely put me on P17 shots, and that they are referring me to MFM to be followed as high risk for pre-term labor.  Mind you, I've already got a referral from the RE to followed because of IVF, but my monitoring now starts at 16 weeks rather than 24ish weeks.  Better safe than sorry of course, but I was looking forward to a few weeks of a doctor free schedule.   So I have my monthly appt. with the midwife on Thursday, then my next u/s with MFM the 25th, right after returning from St Thomas, and I'm guessing my next OB appt will be that week too, then our anatomy scan on April 10th at 19 weeks.

Monday, February 11, 2013

11 weeks!

And yes, this post is totally backdated.  I'd say I've just been too lazy, but I actually have been pretty busy this week.  My back is still giving me a lot of trouble, so by the time I really have a moment to sit down, I don't feel like transferring pictures, editing and uploading them just to make a post.    I still haven't done our most recent u/s photos, but seeing as I haven't added last weeks yet either I'll just bump the new ones to another post.

So I am officially done with PIO!  At least, until 16 weeks when I'll probably start getting them once a week for pre-term labor.  A lot better than daily though.   Morning sickness has still stayed away for the most part, but the sciactica has quickly replaced that to keep me from functioning normally.   I really wish I could get back into a constant workout routine, I feel so much better in general when I do.   I'm still within reasonable weight gain, but just feel a lot more blobby.  I don't know how I'll ever feel confident in a bathing suit next month.  And did I mention my moment of insanity where I ordered a new bikini?  Yeah....I'm telling myself it is good motivation post baby for summer 2014 if nothing else, but we'll see when it gets here.

Not much change again this week...maybe a little more bloat.  I did start wearing the bella band for my smaller jeans, rather than dealing with sad butt in my looser pairs.   

And here is our little one at 10 weeks!  Everything looked great again and the heart rate was around 165.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 weeks!

This week has hit me hard.  Today was a little better, but I have been completely exhausted.  I tried napping twice yesterday while C was napping.  It might be a more successful venture if I didn't have to pee within 45 minutes of laying down.

Anyway, not much else to report pregnancy wise.  I have started physical therapy for my back but don't see much improvement yet.  I was able to workout today for the first time in over a week.  I had to...I did my self portrait weekly bump pics and all I saw was my ass.   And I have to do something about that, because....we are going on vacation next month!  My friend invited down to her family's place on St. Thomas again.  Last time we were down was when I was 28 weeks pregnant with C, so I'm really looking forward to going without the excessive water retention.  But only 16 weeks I'll be (hopefully) wearing my regular tankinis.  I highly doubt I will have the confidence to wear a bikini, pretty sure my boobs wouldn't fit in anything I've got anyway.

So here is the obligatory bump pic.  I thought about skipping this week, because sucking it in there is really no difference at all, but I'm including an non-sucked in bloat shot.  

It would also seem that a ton of people around me are pregnant too.  Most are further along, but I'm only just finding out now.  Some had trouble, others didn't....either way it makes me extra thankful I don't have to go through the left behind feelings again.  It would really sting about now....there are....9 family and friends pregnant right now.  Thankfully almost all are 2nd babies, because that would be waaayy to many baby showers for any sane person to handle in a matter of months.