Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 weeks & starting bedtime routine

This is the third night we've tried an actual bedtime routine, and we did bath, bottle, book, and bed all within 45 minutes and he was (insert 40 minute break to go sooth and feed him...again) originally down by 8:45.  He is back in his crib but not fully asleep so I'm sure this round will be short lived too.  And I was so proud there for a bit that I managed to shorten bedtime from the 2 hour ordeal it has been the past two nights. 

Things are going well for the most part.  C is a good baby and growing so fast.  Our home scale put him around 10.6lbs on monday....hard to believe he was 4lbs lighter just 2 months ago.  I've already had to put away his newborn clothes, and he has been in size 1 diapers for a few weeks now. 

Last week we took our first family trip together and drove all the way up to my parent's summer house in Michigan...a 12-14 hour drive with a normal number of stops, closer to 16 stopping every 3 hours to feed and change C.  We did stop overnight though, because I didn't think driving straight through was a good idea.  C was a champ going out and slept almost the whole way.  He was wide awake once we stopped, but luckily we stopped early and R took him into Cabela's, where he could stare at the ceiling lights while R checked out all the hunting/fishing stuff.   He did really well in a new environment too.  Our biggest concern was of course his sun exposure, but we took walks in the evening or early morning when there was still plenty of shade, and we took his bouncer and put it in his little outdoor baby play tent when we were outside or out on the dock since there was always a nice breeze and it soothed him right to sleep.  We plan on going back up in a few weeks when my parents will also be there.   I'm hoping by that point he is starting to focus more on faces and objects, but since he falls anywhere between 3 weeks adjusted age and 8 weeks, I've got a pretty broad timeline to guess at.