Tuesday, July 16, 2013

33 weeks

Some days I feel like the end is almost here and others full term seems like an impossible goal.  Overall this week has been better than last week, though the last 3 days I've felt off.    Even though you can't tell by looking at me, I think she has moved down.  So I can breathe better now, but it feels like she is trying to punch her way through my cervix.   I think I'll be opting for a cervical check tomorrow at my check up just to be safe.

Still making fairly steady progress towards being baby ready.   I got my stroller! (well, it is ordered...still waiting for it to ship).  The registry event was so, so much better than what I expected.   I expected it to be a crowded ass mess like the big children's resales I've been to.   Instead, it was well run and no more crowded than a regular shopping day...with plenty of sales people on hand to help.   The downside to that is I spent much more than I planned to because it turned out the 20% off could be applied to things not on my registry, so I picked up a few nursing tanks, some clothes for C, and even a Sharper image humidifier I swore I was going to buy from Bed Bath and Beyond all winter but never did.   All I need (ok, want) now are few things that only BRU carries...like another sound machine since C still uses his.

We are on night 4 of C sleeping in his new room and I think he is all settled in.  The first two nights were rough, but still better than I expected.  We are beyond lucky that, at this point, he sits in his bed and cries for us rather than getting out.  Yesterday at naptime was the first time I didn't have to go back in to soothe him, and we've had no crying before going to sleep since, though he still wakes up sad.  I've been napping when he does most days, and today I was jolted awake by a cheerful "Hi Mommy!".   So we've breached the limits of the toddler (though he knew how to get out before, I just don't he is comfortable doing it when sad).   Very proud of my little man.

I've finally got the 0-3 month clothes pulled out and amazingly they haven't yellowed at all, so I just to do a quick re-wash and get those sorted.  Beyond that all that is left are her curtains and name letters, I'd like to borrow my MILs carpet steamer and run that before putting new stuff in the nursery, and finishing packing the hospital bag.  Oh, and at some point deciding if we want to set up the pack n play downstairs and get the swing out yet.

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