Friday, June 7, 2013

Awesome ultrasound!

I had my monthly ultrasound with MFM yesterday and everything went great.  Cervix is still long and closed, so no concern there.   Little girl is now breech, which I expected from some pretty sharp cervical kicks was either that or she was coming in the middle of the grocery store.   She still has plenty of time to turn, so for now I'll happily take the lack of pressure on my SI joint.

The tech checked the brain, heart, kidneys, etc, along with the placenta, cord flow and fluid levels, so pretty much everything that could raise cause for concern.   She measured the abdomin about 10 times, so I knew something was up with weight measurements.  Sure enough, this girl has caught right up to her brother and is measuring 2 weeks ahead at 2lbs 14oz at 27w3days!  So currently in the 90th percentile.  I have to be honest, I was happier with just a week ahead, even though higher birth weight is better in preemie terms.   Trying not to jump to any conclusions, but this makes me pretty sure I won't be allowed to go past my due date if we get to that point.   I will ask my doc in 2 weeks, but I know when C was measuring 2 weeks ahead at 30 weeks with his abdomen in the 93rd percentile the possibility of a c-section was brought up.   My other thought of course was that if she is on the same track weight wise, and they don't know the cause for PTL the first time, maybe my cervix just craps out once baby hits a certain weight.  I was hoping with a week ahead or on track she'd make it 2 weeks farther, but now I'm not so sure.

The tech also spent some time getting us some really amazing shots of her face.  The quality of 4D has improved vastly since I was pregnant with C, and I thought it was pretty great then....I was just blown away at what I could see now.  It was almost like looking at a photograph of her.

So here is our beautiful daughter!

She looks so much like C.   I looked back at his 4D pics but nothing was even close to clear enough to show the similarities, so here is C on the day he came home.

I just can't get over how clear this picture is!

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  1. Wow- that really is amazing. She's pretty adorable!!