Wednesday, August 7, 2013

36 weeks!! Induction scheduled!

So this is likely my last weekly update while still pregnant (because lets face it, I'm a blog slacker).  Last week we met with the MW and she gave us the impression that as long as my biophysical ultrasounds looked good, we could hang on until 37w3days or so.  Last night however I finally got a call back saying that my OB wasn't comfortable with that and I'd be induced at 37 weeks exactly or very close.   So we are scheduled to go in to L&D at 5am on Tuesday the 13th!!  

As of last week I am still only at 1cm and around 50% effaced, but my MW said I was considered a good candidate for induction and I wouldn't be needing the foley bulb.  Very happy to hear that as I've heard that hurts like a bitch.   Hoping for a little more progress by my appointment on Friday, with all the contractions and pressure I've had I can't imagine something hasn't progressed.   I am a little concerned about induction increasing my risk of repeated retained placenta and I'll bring that up again but I know my Drs and the hospital are aware of the issue.   She is also sunny side up right now, so I'm hoping she'll turn either prior to induction or during labor.

Aside from a sudden increase in itching over the weekend I've been doing okay.  An increase in my meds helped ease the itching again and I'm sticking to a pretty strict low fat diet that seems to help as well.   I screwed something up yesterday though and my ankles are back to being balloons again.

Pretty much everything is in place now....R just has to put her name letters up on the wall in the nursery and I have to add a few last minute things to the hospital bag.   So hard to believe she will be here in less than a week!

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