Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Made it to 37 weeks - she is here!

 I actually made it to my induction date, which was, as I'm sure you can tell, actually a week ago.  This past week has been crazy, and I've got lots of stuff to update, so this will just be part 1.   After my last OB visit I was 3-4cm and about 75% and I swear by the time I got home I was contracting so badly that I thought I'd need to make a U-turn to L&D.   They calmed down though and I made it through the weekend.    I actually wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, but I think knowing the exact date was more stressful for R.   Even though I knew I could go into labor on my own, having a set "end of the road" so to speak helped me.  I spent the weekend throwing together a few freezer meals, finishing up the nursery, and making sure everything was lined up for C while we were gone.

Here is the nursery all set to go!

And C's room:

I do have my final bump picture somewhere, but it appears to have been lost among the 100+ pictures of our little girl, so I'll find it later.

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